Our Sponsors

We struggle to find an adequate way to express our huge appreciation for the hundred-plus companies, individuals, and organizations that sponsor our annual tournament. This year is no exception to phenomenal support we receive from all of our SPONSORS!

We remain overwhelmed with their enormous generosity. From every cash donation that allows us to run a great tournament, to donated gifts for our children and a brand new Ice Castle ice fishing house raffle prize, we are thrilled to share our utmost respect and appreciation for the companies listed below.

Sponsor donations can be our fish prizes, or provide equipment needed to run the tournament, or an in-kind service, such as photography or videotaping the event with a drone. If you would like to become a sponsor, email us, and we will be glad to include you to our list of amazing sponsors below.

Nancy Waldorf at nwaldorf@alexandriaindustries.com
Robbie Betterman at rbetterman@alexandriaindustries.com

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