We base the prize structure for our tournament on fish weight. Prizes are awarded to the top 50 fish by weight in two fish categories. The tiebreaker goes to the time a fish is logged in.

Our Fish Categories

  • Small Fish - Sunfish, Crappie, Perch
  • Large Fish - Northern, Walleye

ALL kids 12 years of age and younger, with a tournament entry ticket, receive a special prize just for participating! This year, kids received a 5-gallon bucket imprinted with the Fishing For the Cure logo, a winter cap, and water bottle – for more fishing fun!

Here are the prize winners for our Feb. 18, 2023, ice fishing tournament!

Large Fish Prizes

Large Fish Winners1-25
Large Fish Winners 26-50

Small Fish Prizes

Small Fish Winners 1-25
Small Fish Winners 26-50