2023 Contest Rules

The following rules shall apply to the 2023 Alexandria Industries Fishing For The Cure Tournament (hereinafter the “Event”), scheduled for 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. February 18, 2023 on Smith Lake (Douglas County).

Section 1: Rules and Regulations.

The rules and regulations set forth herein are the Official Rules (“Rules”) of the Event and the Raffle Drawing, as that term is defined further below.

Participants shall be subject to all applicable licensing requirements, as well as any local, state, and federal laws. Licenses are not sold on the lake.

These rules may be changed by Alexandria Industries Charitable Foundation, a Minnesota non-profit corporation, or by its delegated agent (hereinafter, the Event Coordinators”), at any time with or without notice to the participants. Interpretation and enforcement of these rules will be left exclusively to the Event Coordinators. In the event of a discrepancy between the printed version and any digital version of the Rules, the Rules posted on the official website (http://www.fishingforthecure.net/about/official-rules/) at the time of the Event shall prevail.

By purchasing a ticket, and participating in the event, all participants acknowledge and agree that they have reviewed, understand, and will abide by the Rules as posted on our official website. Participants willingly agree to comply with the Rules for participation in the Event.

Section 2: Event Participation and Eligibility.

2.1    The contest is scheduled for 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., February 18, 2023 on Smith Lake. Should the contest not be held for any reason on February 18, 2023, the event will be cancelled and all proceeds will go directly to the American Cancer Society.

2.2    Entry fee for the contest is $20.00 (day of tournament adults $30, $10 kids age 12 & under). No refunds or exchanges will be given for any reason.

  • Minnesota fishing rules & regulations apply
  • Catch & release tournament, mandatory release. No spearing allowed.
  • Participants can fish anywhere on Smith Lake (Douglas County)
  • Fish house shelters allowed

2.3    Participants must fish only on Smith Lake (Douglas County).

2.4    Each contestant may register as many fish as the contestant wants, but only the heaviest fish per contestant will qualify for a contest prize.

2.5    Only fish personally caught by the contestant are eligible to be entered in the contest by that contestant. Fish caught by one individual and given to another person are not eligible. Any contestant who enters a fish caught by another individual will be immediately disqualified.

2.6    Must have official entry tag visible to weigh-in fish.

2.7    All Participants must be in the weigh-in line at or before 3:00 p.m. on the day of the contest.

2.8   All fish weighed-in will be released at weigh-in station.

2.9   Any Participant attempting to manipulate the outcome of the Event or defraud the Event will be disqualified and may be subject to prosecution.

2.10  Contest results remain unofficial until verified by the head judge. Unofficial results will be posted on a leaderboard on the ice throughout the contest hours. Efforts will be made to keep the board as up-to-date and accurate as possible. When ready, official results will be posted on our website at www.fishingforthecure.net.

2.11  The top 100 prizes are determined by largest weight and time registered in two categories. Top 50 for large fish, walleye, and northern. Top 50 in small fish, crappie, sunfish, and perch. In the event of a tie, the first fish registered takes priority. In the event that all fish categories are not filled, those prizes will be held for the following year.

Section 3: Interpretation and Discipline.

3.1    Participants agree to abide by the Rules and any decisions of the Event Director and/or Event Staff.

3.2    Interpretation and enforcement of the Rules shall be left to the sole and exclusive discretion of the Event Director and/or his/her designee at the Event. In the event a Participant violates any rule set forth in the Rules, as determined in the discretion of the Event Director, the Event Director may impose a penalty and/or sanction on the Participant (including but not limited to disqualification from the Event and future events and/or forfeiture of Event winnings and/or prizes).

3.3    Each Participant agrees to report to the Event Coordinators immediately any violation or infraction of the Rules.

Section 4: Safety.

4.1    Contestants are responsible for their own safety, actions and property at all times.

4.2    Participants understand and are aware that the weather in Minnesota can be severe. Participants are aware that participating in the Event may subject participants to extremely cold conditions, which can be dangerous and cause injury if the participant is not properly prepared. Similarly, the weather may be warmer and cause extraordinarily slippery conditions on the ice. Although particular Rules, equipment, and personal discipline may reduce the risks associated with participating in the Event, the risk of serious injury does exist and cannot be completely eliminated. In the event of significant weather conditions during competition, the Event Coordinators will advise regarding any change, delay, suspension and/or cancellation of one or more hours or day(s). Non-refundable due to weather.

4.3   Participants are permitted to consume alcoholic beverages while fishing. Participants are aware he/she/they are participating in a physical activity in the sport of fishing on ice, which may be dangerous and can cause injury, especially if the participant is consuming alcoholic beverages. Participants understand and acknowledge the consumption of alcohol impairs a person’s ability to walk on all surfaces, including those that are especially slippery, like ice. Consuming alcohol and walking on ice subjects the participant to certain risks including, but not limited to, death, serious neck and spinal injuries resulting in complete or partial paralysis, brain damage, and/or serious injury to virtually all bones, joints, muscles and internal organs, and property damage. Although particular Rules, equipment, and personal discipline may reduce the risks associated with participating in the Event, the risk of serious injury does exist and cannot be completely eliminated.

4.4    No firearms will be allowed in Event Site during Event hours, unless you have an active licensed concealed carry permit or are a credentialed law enforcement officer.

Section 5: Protests and Disputes.

5.1    All protests or disputes relating to any matter involving the Rules and/or the Event must be registered in writing with the Event Coordinator no later than 3:15 p.m. the day of the Event. Protests made after the deadline will be disregarded. This section does not apply to reporting suspected cheating.

5.2    Any protest filed by a Participant shall be heard by the Event Coordinators. After reviewing the protest submitted, the Event Coordinators’ shall inform the protesting Participant of the Event Coordinator’s decision. The Event Coordinator’s decision is final and not subject to further appeal.

5.3    The interpretation and enforcement of the Rules will be the sole responsibility of the Event Director.

Section 6: Other Raffles and Drawings.

6.1    The contest ticket and random drawing tickets are two separate items. Raffle tickets are available for $10.00 and need not be purchased in conjunction with a contest entry ticket. No refunds will be given for any reason. Raffle tickets must be purchased with cash, check, or debit card and by an adult over 18 years of age. Tickets are available for purchase at designated ticket outlets and on the ice. Telephone and online orders cannot be accepted for random drawing tickets. All Minnesota gambling control regulations are abided by. Raffle drawing prize winners need not be present to win.

6.2    Contest and raffle drawing prizes are the responsibility of the winners. Licensing, registration, transportation, taxes, and all incidental or consequential expenses incurred are the responsibility of the winners. Raffle prizes valued over $5,000 the winner must pay the 25% withholding tax directly to Alexandria Industries’ Charitable Foundation prior to taking possession of the prize. Alexandria Industries Charitable Foundation will issue the winners a form W2G to report to the Internal Revenue Service.

6.3    50/50 tickets are available for $1.00 and need not be purchased in conjunction with a contest entry ticket. No refunds will be given for any reason. These tickets are available for purchase with cash only and by an adult over 18 years of age. These tickets are available only on the ice the day of the Event. Winnings of more than $5,000 will need to pay 25% withholding tax and will be provided IRS Form 5754.

Section 7: Miscellaneous.

7.1    The Rules shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Minnesota in all respects, including matters of construction, interpretation, validity, and enforcement.

7.2    The favorable public reputation of  the Event, the integrity of its members, officers, and directors, and the reputation of its media properties are valuable assets and tangible benefits for Alexandria Industries. Accordingly, all participants agree to refrain from comments to the news media that unreasonably attack or disparage the integrity of tournaments, tournament officials, sponsors, fellow members, fellow anglers or Alexandria Industries Charitable Foundation. Competitors are encouraged to express themselves and have the right to question the application of the Rules and are obligated to report suspected violations of the Rules. Responsible expressions of legitimate disagreement with Alexandria Industries policies are not prohibited, but attacks upon the integrity of the Rules or Event Staff or Alexandria Industries that will will harm the reputation of the Event, and Event Staff, may result in legal action.

7.3    Event officials reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone in their sole discretion.

7.4    All contestants and other spectators hereby consent to the use of any names, photographs or likenesses of themselves to be used in the promotion of our contest, including but not limited to print, radio, television or any other media.

7.5    The Event Staff thank you for supporting our efforts to protect the environment and request that you remove garbage—including cigarette butts— from the ice when you leave. Waste containers are provided.

7.6    Failure to comply with any contest rules subjects contestants to disqualification and removal from contest area as determined by contest officials. Contest officials reserve the right to refuse sale and/or revoke a contest ticket to anyone.