Frequently Asked Questions

Are tickets still available the day of the tournament?fishing for the cure, alexandria industries

Yes, tickets will be available in the headquarters tent. Ticket prices are $30 (adult) or $10 (kids 12 & under), when purchased the day of the tournament.


Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Yes, they will need to come to registration with the ticket so we can update the transfer.


Do I need a fishing license for myself or my kids?

Yes, you will need to abide by the state of Minnesota fishing laws.


Is there a designated area on the lake to fish?

No, this tournament is run on the honor system. You can fish anywhere on the lake and in your fish house or shelter.


What if I don’t have ice auger?

Come to registration headquarters to get assistance in drilling a hole.


Can I bring my own food or beverage?

Yes, you can bring your own food and beverage, we just ask that you be respectful and clean up any garbage before you leave.


Will I be able to keep my fish after it’s weighed?

If your fish is on the leaderboard it will be released by the tournament team.  This is a catch and keep tournament, but we highly promote all fish caught are released.